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Andrew Fernandes (India) :

Wow. One of the best programme I have ever joined, that is Global Fortune 11. It really works. I would suggest others to join and see the difference in life as I did for myself.

Jeffery Luke (USA) :

After just seeing the advertisement benefits at Global Fortune 11 I was sold by this alone. I am currently using Yahoo & Bing advertisement and if you ever used them or Google you know how expensive it is to advertise with them. Global Fortune 11 has them beat 10 to 1. Plus earning pretty good money while promoting my services is pretty cool too. Why not join today and see what all the fuss is about. I will see you inside thanks.

Jay Zeller (USA) :

So any one thinking about getting a $6 SUB Cycler just do it it works!! I have hit sub 4 in less then 30 hrs of paying my 6.00 monthly life is good !!

Thanks for a good paying site admin !!
jay z

Ashwin Panchal (India) :

Hi this is Unbelievable, I have paid $6 for Sub Cycle and within 24 hours I got $5.

Description Amount Date
Matrix SUB-1 completed. $2.00 19 Nov 2014 21:21
Matrix SUB-2 completed. $3.00 20 Nov 2014 12:30
Account Balance : $5.0000

Susan Shropshire-Elrod (USA) :

Great site for making money.

Leonides Sumayan (Saudi Arabia) :

Thank you very much for the payment, I just received today my 2nd Withdrawal of 41 dollars. I hope this Company will last Forever. More Power to GlobalFortune11.

Best Regards,
Leonides Sumayan

Betty Ahamba (Norway) :

I got paid from Globalfortune11!
Thanks to the great admin!
Take a look:
You've got cash!

Rehsa Systems ( just sent you money through Payza.

Payment Details

Date: November 15, 2014 3:34:42 AM
Amount Sent: $25.00 USD
Sender Name: Rehsa Systems
Sender Email:
Reference Number: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx3
Message: GF11 - withdrawal

Robert Bittner (USA) :

I joined Global Fortune 11 the first day November 7, 2014. I am happy to say so far I have 12 referrals, 10 of them are upgraded. I have cycled 4 times in 5 days. Today is November 12, 2014. This is by far the best program I have ever joined. I can't see why one would be stupid enough not to join, for just a one time $12.00 investment in advertising.

Thank you Global Fortune 11 for being there.

Adolfo Asorlin (Spain) :

Asher did it again, this time even better, Thanks man :)

Ilaisaane Tuakalau (New Zealand) :

I am so excited!, I joined up less than three days ago and got my first referral ever and I just received an email to say that I have completed my first cycle.

I am going to keep telling everyone about this site. I am currently with GAS and I love it, but GF11 is just exceptional!

Beverly Kirk (USA) :

Just joined the site not 4 hours ago and already have 2 in my downline!

This is going to be BIG!

Adel Elassy (UK) :

This Program Is Easy... Lazy... Daisy And Only F*O*R................. 1- People Who Are Lazy And Daisy. 2 - People Who Prefer a Little Or No Work At All. 3 - People Who Are Off Line Most Of The Time But Want To Earn Big All The Time.

Adel Elassy

Leonides Sumayan (Saudi Arabia) :

Thanks to GlobalFortune11, I got my 1st withdrawal of 39 dollars after 24 hrs. of my application. More power to the Company.

Best Regards,

Matthew Grodzki (Australia) :

This program is great only 2 days in already filled level 1 matrix and cycled in Global 1 & Global 2. Keep up the good work.

Alvin Swift (Malta) :

I joined on the Nov 7th, after 2 days I earned $44.25 not bad only after 2 days and it keeps growing.

Leny Lim (Singapore) :

GlobalFortune11 is another proven and brilliant program from Asher. I upgraded on Nov 7th and was already in profit in the next day. My advice is to join in and upgrade right away!! Any programs created by Asher, I am IN!!

Mark Presler (USA) :

I am very excited by the launch of this very hot new program from the creators of GlobalAdShare. There have been over 2,000 members registered in the first 24 hours and I cant wait till it hits 200,000 members. I have already earned much more than my registration fee. Thanks for this big boost to my internet success story.


Graham McCallum (UK) :

GlobalFortune11 is rocking and rolling - God bless Asher and his team for bringing us this exciting new program - I have joined all of Asher's programs - made money and what is more important always been paid - which is so refreshing when there are so many scams out there to trap the innocent !!

Graham - ( aka screwball ) - UK

Bob Wyatt (USA) :

Hello folks, Ii have (never) joined a program that works so fast. I signed up late last night & this morning i signed on to my sight & lo -I had cycled and had real CASH in my account. And to think it came from a ONE-TIME investment of only $11.00 + $1.00. All I can say every one needs to JUMP on board & see where this train is going. Thanks, Bob Wyatt, Hot springs, Arkansas.

Bill Thompson (USA) :

Looks like a great program. I am earning already. Trusted admins make it possible.

Neil Barrton (UK) :

The best easiest way I have found to make money on-line. I have joined many sites since July 2014 all of them took my money, I received no payments. I joined GLOBALFORTUNE 11, within 2 hours i had received 3 payments. Excellent, Thank you.

Andrew Botterill (UK) :

Hello All, going with GlobalFortune11 was a easy decision for me. Great looking Business and easy to share. Go grab some GlobalFortune11 Pie, you will love it.

Khalid Tibtani (Maroc) :

Just sign up yesterday already cycled Global-1; it is rocking don't miss this opportunity.

Richard Jelinek (Czech Rep.) :

Another great site from GAS owner, just upgrade and sit back and watch your account grow. After 1 day I earned over 30 bucks. :D

Erlend Solvberg (Norway) :

This system is remarkable. After just 12 hours my money is earned back. 9 people in my main matrix and my global 1-2 and 3 cycler has already cycled. And the momentum is just started, more and more people are joining and recruting so this will be good for a long long time to go. And they tell us that more benefits are on the way. I am exited. $12 spent after 12 hours $16.75 back. This is great.
Erlend Solvberg

Dr. Brad Hensley (USA) :

The second I heard about GlobalFortune11 I joined as I've had nothing but success in any program this owner runs. My strong advice is do not hesitate and join us... the first day isn't over yet and I'm in profit already... and looking forward to another solid long lasting program from Asher.

Graham Woodward (UK) :

I joined Upgraded and came back from shop 30 mins and earned on my first level WOW.

Lynton Allen (Australia) :

Hello, I have been with GlobalAdShare for some time and am very happy with their program and service. This new system seems to be very well thought out and look forward to its continued growth and success, as I am sure all who join will be very happy and grateful with the results.
All the best,

Roy Suchogorski (USA) :

After getting paid regularly by this admin's other site, joining this one was a no-brainer. I instantly got 5 new paid referrals.
I was #128 about 5 hours ago now over 500 members.
Join me I will help you earn too.

Roy Suchogorski- ***Melbourne, Florida, USA

John Fenton (UK) :

Very happy with GAS 'Global Advertising System' can't wait to see the results of Global Fortune 11 will have to make another splash page. (Look at this one for GAS

Forwards and onwards.

Jan Terry (USA) :

This is one of the easiest programs I have ever seen. Upgrade for $12 one time and then just check in from time to time to watch your account balance grow - How easy is that? Sign-up and start making money NOW!

John Woods (USA) :

Bravo Admin!... Great Timing To Introduce GF11... This should follow GAS into the Next Big Program... Now Only another 35.500 GAS members to follow...

Mary Pope (USA) :

I just joined and upgraded and within 1 hour, cycled 1st Matrix. Expect Great Things!

Teresa K (USA) :

I am a fan. I have known the owner for a few years now (with other programs) and have made money with all his programs. Please join as soon as you can and grab your spot (the sooner the better). Thank you and happy earning to all members.

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